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First Flute

What People Are Saying

“This course is great for beginners and advanced players alike. Sir James has a wonderful approach in teaching and keeps you entertained the whole time. His great sense of humor creates a relaxing atmosphere where learning is fun. You will learn a lot whether you just started your flute lessons or have played for 20 years.”

- Denis Bouriakov, Principal Flute of the Metropolitan Opera, New York

“I had the pleasure to watch and listen to all the lessons from Sir James in his new project 'First Flute'. These videos let me rethink many aspects of the flute and I'm very thankful that I can share this information with all my students. Sir James explains all the flute fundamentals, but also shares important information that not only beginners should think about. The amount of clear information and the enthusiasm that you can get from his lessons will surely make 'First Flute the flute lessons for many of the next flute generations.”

- Davide Formisano, Flute Soloist, Former Principal Flute at La Scala, Milan, Professor of Flute at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart

“First Flute, a series of courses for students and music lovers, is a boon for learners. Especially for Chinese flute students, this is a valuable asset. I'll be working hard to publicize and promote this excellent site. Hearty congratulations!”

- Guoliang Han, Principal Flute, China National Symphony Orchestra and Flute Professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing

“First Flute has been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn the very best practice and playing techniques from the inspirational Sir James Galway. By sharing his wisdom and experience, every lesson has provided me with valuable guidance, teaching and encouragement to help me on my flute adventure.”

- Chloe Ellen Jones (age 13), Winner of the British Flute Society Competition Class A Section - February 2014, King David High School, Liverpool

“This inventive, novel web site affords students, as well as their teachers, a unique opportunity for exposure to the ‘proper’ basic principles of flute playing, explained in clear and concise terms. Sir James communicates on an intimate level... His pedagogy is clear, firm and practical with the underlying philosophy that if executed correctly, anyone can learn to play the flute! In lieu of studying in person with Sir James or the privilege of playing duos with the Master, this will be the next best thing. I surely wish I had this resource available to me as a young flutist.”

- Alan Weiss, Artist-in-Residence, William S. Haynes Company

“In fitting with your legend, Jimmy and Jeanne, this new course is for us a revolution... it is intense yet easy to understand, entertaining and IT WORKS! Moreover this is a program for everyone — professional flute players too — who in the course of their careers get lost in the clouds and forget where the ground work is!”

- Julie Stewart-Lafin Flute Soloist and teacher; & Rainer Lafin Master Flute Maker, former Principal Piccolo of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

“What an incredible resource. affords the lucky subscriber with clear, informative and entertaining instruction on the fundamental principles of flute playing from the greatest exponent of the instrument. A must for all flute players – whatever their level.”

- Gareth McLearnon, Principal Flute of the Heritage Orchestra (London) & Professor of Flute of the Yuri Bashmet Academy, Russia

“What a wonderful site! There will never be another James Galway. First Flute allows flutists everywhere to be a part of his legacy."

- Judy Grant, Flutist & Artistic Director, Boston Flute Academy

“Sir James Galway is that very rare bird. He is an international soloist, orchestral player and teacher who is equally revered by the man in the street as by his fellow musicians. He has conquered the obstacles that prevent almost all individuals reaching the very top of their ladders and carved out an extraordinary career. Any chance to gain knowledge and insights from him is a must for those who are serious about the flute.”

- Clive Conway, Flutist and Vice Patron, Tutu Foundation UK

“First Flute blew me away! This is how it should be done, and I really want to congratulate you. The thing that actually struck me most was the fun and pleasure that I can see and feel from Sir James. These lessons will really improve the quality of all participating flutists.”

- Peter Swinkels, Manager at Adams European Flute Centre, The Netherlands