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First Flute

The Foundations Lesson Series

Foundations is the first online course of First Flute, taught by Sir James.

This series of flute lessons is very easy to use. It begins with getting your flute out of the box and it ends with your being able to stand on the stage to play your first concert.

For Beginners & Beyond

For Beginners and Beyond

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced flutist, this 15-lesson course will ground you with a solid basis for your flute playing. Designed to be easy to follow, complete with tips from the Master, Sir James guides you through each step & shares with you what he has discovered to make him the flute player he is today.

Learn and Practice

Learn & Practice

Inside each lesson, Sir James will guide you through the basics of good flute playing, explaining and demonstrating the proper way to hold the flute, fingering, and learning to interpret your pieces. Included as well are Sir James’ own tips and cautions on what not to do! You will even have a chance to play your first duet with Sir James himself!

Your Practice Room

Your Practice Room

Here, you will enter the practice room along with Sir James, just as if he were in the same room with you. Each new concept is reviewed and practiced.

Sir James will play along with the exercises he has written just for you, all at your own pace.

Sheet Music & More

Sheet Music and More

Each lesson includes downloadable sheet music with your new exercises and repertoire organized clearly and easy to follow. A complete fingering chart with photos of Sir James holding the flute is included along with all you need to know about learning to read music and play the flute.

You will also learn the history behind the composers who wrote your music. You can start building your own library of material learned throughout this course.

Get the Foundations course for only $99/year