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First Flute
First Flute: Sir James Galway

Online Flute Lessons
with the Master
Anytime, Anywhere

Online Flute Lessons
with the Master
Anytime, Anywhere

From Beginner, to Amateur, to Professional - now everyone can learn direct from the Master

This interactive series of online lessons teaches the foundations of playing from the World’s leading exponent of the instrument. Every aspect of technique is covered; every facet of musicality is explored.

Supporting the Teacher - Inspiring the Student

Foundations - for Beginners & Beyond is a highly focused, interactive instructional series developed by Sir James that aims to enhance the teaching and learning of the flute. Instructors will benefit from Sir James’ many years of experience, while students at all levels can augment and advance their skills at their own pace in an enjoyable, intuitive, easy-to-learn environment.

The Foundations Course Includes:

  • 15 lessons of in-depth video instruction
  • Embouchure technique
  • Breathing exercises
  • Scales, arpeggios tips & demonstrations
  • Instruction on perfect finger technique
  • Hundreds of tips, tricks & warnings
  • Duet with Sir James
  • Dedicated online “Practice Room”
  • 52 pages of downloadable sheet music
  • Extensive glossary of musical terms
  • A whole recital of exclusive concert performances
  • Composer biographies written by Sir James
  • New content added frequently
  • And much, much more...

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