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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Foundations series is designed for students and flute lovers of all levels, whether studying with or without a teacher. Learning the basic techniques of playing the flute, such as creating a beautiful sound and holding the instrument correctly can be very challenging. If you have never had or do not have regular lessons with a flute teacher, this series, with its demonstrations from Sir James himself, is a perfect guide for showing you everything you need to know about playing the flute.

Definitely. The Foundations series is designed for students of all levels. While the first few lessons are very basic, the principles taught here provide a solid foundation, which Sir James feels is often overlooked. Throughout this course you will learn how to cultivate a good practice routine, create a beautiful sound, improve your technical facility, develop a soft touch on your flute, and perform your favorite pieces with confidence. These are the same basic principles that Sir James teaches in his masterclasses for advanced students and professional flutists.

The benefit of having this online series is that you can work at your own pace, when you want, with your flute in hand! You can repeat the lessons and practice sessions with Sir James as many times as you wish.

Added benefits include 53 pages of downloadable and printable exercises and your own personally-designed fingering chart, all written by Sir James, and over 30 performances by Sir James and pianist Michael McHale of standard flute repertoire in concert.

The series is designed to motivate and support student and teacher. First Flute’s instant access to learning and practice sessions with Sir James online is an indispensable tool for students and complements the teacher’s role. Not only will this add to the student’s skill, but also add to his or her commitment and preparation for weekly lessons with their teacher.

Yes. First Flute makes a wonderful gift. In the early lessons of this series, Sir James demonstrates everything you need to know about your flute, from how to blow your flute, put it together, hold it, learn to read music and play your first few notes. He even takes the student into their own practice room session and works with them through the new exercises. Your granddaughter can even play her first duet with Sir James!

Yes. The First Flute team is working on expanding to advanced exercises, techniques, masterclasses and more. Along with additional performances by Sir James, these new features will focus on bringing your technique to the next level, including Sir James’ method of studying works from the standard repertoire. If you would like to be notified when the advanced features are launched, please sign up on our mailing list here.

Yes. If you would like to purchase First Flute as a gift, simply email us at and we will take care of the details.

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